A modular vertical hydroponic system for indoor cannabis growth built in Canada and Europe.


The SKY CROP EVOLUTION system prioritizes your needs by providing you with:

Energy savings

Space optimization

Crop maximization

Boosted profits

Increased security

Our vertical crop culture gives you access to the best production installations on the market and ensures quality extraction.


Create your custom crop using the product’s modular sections.

Technical specifications 


  • Its intelligent modular structure sustains the full operational weight of the crop while distributing irrigation solution and gas.

  • Unit height and length are fully customizable.

Co2 and Humidity Injector

  • Automatic control of CO2 injection lets you maintain CO2 levels (global) or create a CO2 enriched period (local).

  • Automatic humidity (mist) injection lets you create an enriched humidity period (local).

Control Interface

  • Custom-made HRVST software includes Linux-based computing and control software, advanced intelligent display application and an online database.

  • Three types of control included with HRVST system.

Specialized Cultivation Tray

  • Trays are custom-designed for the plant’s needs and different growing media.

  • Several available tray options can optimize performance.


  • Photosynthetically optimized and water-cooled LED lighting device is optimized for maximum flower and fruit production.

High Plant Harvester

  • Entirely controllable from the Main Control Interface and adjustable lighting photoperiod.

  • Lighting is configured for flower and fruit production.

Air Flow Control

  • Independent to each row.

  • Airflow can be set for day/night or for growth (flower between 0 to 0.5 m/s (20 in/s) on normal or burst mode).

  • Can be automatically managed by the system for enriched periods of CO2 or humidity.

Automatic Row Cleaner

  • Installed on every row after a harvesting cycle and launched for automatic water jet cleaning.

  • Ensures proper purification.

Intelligent automatic hydroponic tide irrigation system

  • Each row can individually manage unique plants and evolution stages.

  • Irrigation solution undergoes continuous purification.

  • Automatic fertilization control: PH level, type and concentration of fertilizer (up to 4 different fertilizers), injection of living organisms and oxygenation.

  • Dual filtration: particle filter and UV filter.

  • Irrigation process recycles water and maximizes its usage.


  • Seed/Clone incubator is located at the bottom of each unit for easy access.

  • Controlled seedling/cloning LED lighting and heating mats are provided.

Harvesting Platform

  • The platform is custom designed to foster handling in the HRVST system, which makes seed/clone transferring and crop harvesting easy.

  • A chain conveyor system in each row moves the panel around during seedling and harvesting.

Climate Control

  • Energy-saving cooling, heating and humidity control system.

  • Set and maintain the desired climate year-round.

  • Global Operating Temperature (controlled) can be set from 15°C to 25°C according to a day and night cycle. 

  • Global relative humidity (controlled) can be set from 45% up to 75%. 

Direct Irrigation Injector

  • Direct liquid injector installed on the main irrigation line makes it possible to inject living organisms.

  • Injection quantity and sequence can be controlled from the main interface.

Oxygen Injection

  • Injectors are located inside the irrigation tank (dosage and frequency of injection controlled by the main interface).

  • Can be used in parallel with oxygen peroxide.

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One of its kind in the world, SkyCrop Evolution is a vertically grown hydroponics technology specifically optimized for the production of cannabis for medical purposes.

The SKY CROP EVOLUTION team is with you every step of the way.

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