Cultivating opportunities, one story at a time.

Thanks to its smart digital management platform, the SKY CROP EVOLUTION system allows you to: 


  • Control each individual story’s ambient temperature, humidity rate, barometric pressure, CO2 levels, lighting and nutrient dosage at any growth stage.

  • Collect data in real time. 


Find out more. Read our technical specifications.​

You have more room than you think! 

Increase efficiency and maximize space with vertical crop growth.

Growing many strains at once is now easy — just do it one storey at a time. 

SKY CROP EVOLUTION advantage: Multiply your crop growth space by a factor of 6.3. 


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Great yields,

LED lighting has been optimized for cannabis growth. It allows you to continuously produce diversified crops indoors without the need for sunlight. 

SKY CROP EVOLUTION offers total control of the light spectrum with adjustable intensity and wavelengths for every stage of plant growth. 

Find out more. Read our technical specifications.​

Fertilizer distribution system

Our LED lighting system was conceived to work in tandem with our unique fertilizer distributor. 

SKY CROP EVOLUTION perfectly calibrates light and plant nutrients to your crop’s needs.  

Find out more. Read our technical specifications.

Energy conservation

Reduce your energy use, and expenses, with synchronized lighting and fertilizer distribution.

The hydroponic crop used by SKY CROP EVOLUTION provides each plant with optimal growth conditions and up to 90% in water savings — all without the use of pesticides.

SKY CROP EVOLUTION uses water to cool lamps and then redistributes or expulses heat according to the crop’s needs.


Find out more. Read our technical specifications.


SKY CROP EVOLUTION is dedicated to producing the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient crop for medical marijuana production.

Efficient environmental management

Reduce the risk of contamination and the cost of labor. 

The SKY CROP EVOLUTION system requires less human interaction than traditional crops, protecting your plants from contaminants. 

Find out more. Read our technical specifications.

Quality yield 

Comparative yield over an area of 17,500 sq. ft.

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One of its kind in the world, SkyCrop Evolution is a vertically grown hydroponics technology specifically optimized for the production of cannabis for medical purposes.

The SKY CROP EVOLUTION team is with you every step of the way.

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