HRVST is the fruit of a Franco-Canadian collaboration between FLORENTAISE — a French urban agriculture leader in sustainable development for over 15 years — and Inventive Laboratory, a Canadian company presided over by renowned automated production engineer François Tremblay. Mr. Tremblay pioneer the first high-powered LED lighting systems for the horticultural and industrial agriculture market.


Through this strategic alliance, HRVST developed a state-of-the-art vertical crop system optimized specifically for the cannabis industry: SKY CROP EVOLUTION.


SKY CROP EVOLUTION is the best LED-powered vertical hydroponic crop system in the world. It reinvents and redefines production and crop systems for the medical marijuana industry.


«HRVST technology is proven—it was tested in laboratories on more than six varieties of Sativa and Indica cannabis. The results surpassed all of our expectations in terms of production and quality.»expectations in terms of production and quality.”

Our promise:


  • A turnkey solution for industrial vertical crop growth.

  • High-density crop protocols optimized for the HRVST system.

  • Long-term production quality and stability.

  • A personalised, fluid and coherent experience from end to end.

SKY CROP EVOLUTION is pioneering, audacious and eco-friendly solution for the medical marijuana industry.


«We create technologies that change lives and help to build the future.»

The experienced, multidisciplinary team at SKY CROP EVOLUTION is made up of biologists, chemists, engineers in plant ecophysiology and agronomists from France-based company  Florentaise and François Tremblay—a renowned automated production process specialist and co-founder of the first LED horticultural lighting system.


«Deep cooperation and crossover collaboration between experts allow us to innovate in an unprecedented manner and consistently improve our methods.»

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One of its kind in the world, SkyCrop Evolution is a vertically grown hydroponics technology specifically optimized for the production of cannabis for medical purposes.

The SKY CROP EVOLUTION team is with you every step of the way.

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